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What to do after installing Xubuntu / Ubuntu / Linux

You just installed Xubuntu / Ubuntu / Linux on your machine. Now what? The most important thing is to update your system via the apt-get update command in your shell. The reason is that you need to keep your system up to date with the latest packages.  I’m going to explain how to do this using Xubuntu […]

Apple’s products are not as simple as you think

You click and the app you want launches. You swipe and get groceries. You press and take a selfie. You don’t even need to be of age do to all of this. Ah, the beauty of Apple products.  They are so undeniably user-friendly. But are they really as simple as everyone thinks? In 1976, Steve Jobs and […]

Building Evaluations: Ovarian cancer (case study)

My business partner and I evaluated a home of a couple who lives in Silicon Valley.  The woman was going in for surgery because she was suffering from ovarian cancer.  The discovery of our home survey was striking.  She was sleeping on two types of earth line crossings, both at the area of her ovaries.  (See drawing below.) […]

Make it ug-ly!

Twice today I was told “Make it Ugly!” First by Andrew Warner.  Then by programmer at a Girls Who Code meetup. Two different people.  Two different projects. And “What?!” was my reaction both times. Then came a sigh of relief. You mean, I don’t have to be perfect?! If you weren’t embarrassed by the first […]

Killing complexity

A result of starting this blog or pure coincidence, I’m not sure. What I do know is that recently I’ve been focused on reducing distractions that don’t produce results. Even simple things like… multiple online identities unused domain names mind-numbing apps unproductive projects unhealthy habits I’m not going to kid myself. Becoming even more of […]