Great Branding = Crushing Your Competition

There’s an endless amount of ads, content and other noise flooding the market. To be seen, you have to be bold. It’s no longer only about promoting your product or service, it’s about engaging your customers in a way that makes them wobble with a little bit of nervousness and a whole lot of excitement.


My first real job out of college was with Canon, the camera company.  I had a variety of positions during my tenure and the one I liked the best was doing tech writing and web design for an awesome boss.  He was my first web client, which inspired me to do freelance work.  From Dreamweaver to WordPress to LeadPages, I have plenty of experience in the www.  Take a peak at some of my designs…


In 2016, I designed these postcards to attract Seattlites to a meditation workshop I was holding.


My friend told me to check out some guy’s webinar about getting more FB likes and customer leads.  I was a bit skeptical but I watched it.  And do you know what?  Not only did I learn a couple tricks, I got super motivated to design kickass ads.  Here are my favorites:


Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy (interviews top entrepreneurs), came back from vacation and asked who did the post while he was gone because it got a crazy amount of clicks.

I did.

Nir Eyal, best selling author of Hooked, announced on his blog that he wanted feedback on his then self-published book.  I spent two whole weekends editing it.  That was back in 2014.  Who does he still call on when he needs an article or guest post edited for grammar and flow?


I’m not really sure how it happened that I developed exemplary copywriting skills.  [Insert horrific grade school story here. – Use your imagination because I’m not really going to insert it.]  Since I ditched the grammar police and leaped past the FAKE NEWS journalists, I am offering copywriting services to people who 1) appreciate frank criticism and marks all over their fine piece of writing and 2) want to add caliente sauce to their existing content.


I’m a rebel and the only safe place I can express it without getting arrested is through my writing and graphic art.  I started writing edgy books (under a pen name) and designing ads for my business.  People saw my work and wanted to hire me.  How could I resist collaborating with super cool people?

I couldn’t.

So here I am taking on the title as “freelance copywriter and designer” when all I really am is a rebel (now with a cause).

~ AnneMarie