Hacking the Hottest Entrepreneurs

Top entrepreneurs.

We’ve heard their stories, read their books and studied their methodologies.

We know what (and sometimes who) they do.

We are familiar with their struggles and wins.

But rarely do we get the opportunity to study their psychological makeup.

That’s where I come in.  In this series I focus on character traits that make up these badass mo-fos.  I highlight how these traits are drive them and give you some Scooby snacks to chew on.

What’s so cool about profiling others is that you learn more about yourself.  You will see things about yourself that you might not have before.  You might even get motivated to do something outside the box.  Profiling is a path to self-discovery.

So lets get started.  Click a link below and read about people who are making a dent in the world.

Keep rocking,


p.s. At times I use qualities of planets to describe people.  Look to the right and you will see that I’ve made a key to for you to reference.  If you dig this way of talking, check out the book Planetary Forces.

planetary forces

Jupiter – good natured, jovial, generous, expansion, excessive, not knowing the limit

Mars – born fighter, has drive, vitality, sharp mind, unrefined, ruthless, impatient

Mercury – quick, fast moving, witty, tricky, clever, lots of doubts, indecisive

Moon – imagination, nurturing, messy, late, talkative, lazy, sweet tooth

Neptune – artistic, dreamy, inspired, nebulous, prone towards addictions

Pluto – destroy things they have to move towards deeper parts of themselves

Saturn – limitations, practical, reliable, patient, self-restrained, cold, boring, selfish

Sun – dignity, determination, leadership, joy, dictorial, easily fired into anger

Uranus – lateral thinking, technology, curious, independent, fast moving

Venus – love, beauty, creative

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