Profiling Entrepreneurs: Peter Hurley, premier portrait and headshot photographer

Today I was part of CreativeLive’s on-air “Simple Lighting for Portraits” class taught by Peter Hurley.

Peter Hurley is a premier portrait and headshot photographer.  His clients include companies like DKNY, GoDaddy, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, NASCAR, Revlon, Toshiba and Vert & Vogue, just to name a few.

Not only is he a well-known photographer, he is also a manufacture of photography supplies (HurleyPro), has established a network of portrait photographers he refers overflow-clients to (, built a site for photographers with suggestions on how to make their clients laugh (, teaches courses and sells DVDs.

What makes Peter Hurley rock?

You get the idea from the things he has done, that he rocks.  Looking inwards into his character traits, Peter Hurley:

  1. has the balls to push things through.  He is grounded, rough around the edges and uses this force to drive his ideas through to the end.
  2. is funnier than shit.  Humor can go a long way.
  3. keeps thinking of new ways to solve his pain and those of other photographers.  From my point of view, he doesn’t only view himself as a photographer but as a problem solver, making supplies for himself and other photographers that solve a pain.
  4. is happy being who he is (he likes himself) and radiates a bigness as a result.


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