Reinforcing greatness

Heya.  AnneMarie here.  You’ve landed on my private sessions page so let me tell you what I do.  I’m a Performance Manager.  I help people maintain their edge.  My client base consists of 20- to 60- somethings (mainly high level executives, startup founders, star athletes & exemplary college students) who completely excel at what they do but have a nagging feeling inside that there’s more to life than what meets the eye.

Some are stuck.

Some are full of self-doubt even though they are mega successful.

Some are unhappy and don’t know why.

Some are experiencing an increasing level of stress, anxiety, depression, lack of focus and are burning out.

Some even considered ending it all.

Many of these awesome people sought help from psychologists, counselors, ministers, doctors, healers and the like.  But their nagging feeling remains.

Then we met.

The technique I’ve been trained in for the last 10+ years – Inner Space Interactive Sourcing – takes people out of their mind to the root of the problem.  It helps people feel the very thing that keeps them locked in an endless loop.  By feeling instead of thinking, the grasping nature of the problem starts to release bit by bit.  And then the most beautiful thing happens… an opening takes place.

Through opening, people experience bigger parts of themselves.  It’s these parts that have the power to change that which the mind can not.

Do you know what?  Change does happen.  I’ve seen it time and again.

My clients experience improvements in their mental and physical health.

They stop acting out.

Something starts to flow.

Their work performance increases.

They change their relationship to people & intimacy.

Overall, my clients feel better about themselves.

If you feel stuck in any way or want to add more spiritual dimension to your life, let’s get started.

~ AnneMarie

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What would you like help with?


A little worrying can be helpful to spark action and make you get things done.  But when you become pre-occupied with fear and worst-case scenarios, anxiety can cause problems.  The strength of it has the capacity to zap your energy, health and overall life force.  Fortunately, anxiety is a habit that we can break in our sessions together.


Anger is a normal, healthy emotion.  However, when explosive bouts of it spiral you out of control, it can have serious consequences on your relationships, work, physical health and emotional well-being.  Before the anger becomes too much, let’s get you to feel what fuels it.  Coming in touch with the root of it will allow you to have greater control over the emotion.

Lack of focus

With the net, texting, social media and million of other distractions, it’s becoming increasingly hard to stay focused.  Even the most successful people struggle with the ever growing garbage that collects in their head.  Together, we will empty out mental trash and determine what you need to focus on to keep you efficient and productive.

Blocked creativity

For a creative professional, a block in creativity isn’t just frustrating — it can damage a career.  When you depend on creativity to build your brand and pay the bills, you simply can’t afford to be paralyzed by creativity blocks.  Let’s discover what is preventing you from being fully creative or what is completely blocking your flow.


Depression does not discriminate.  It befriends people of all ages and race.  It holds people hostage so they aren’t themselves.  And the worst part is that it shows up uninvited to the workplace, parties and home front when you least expect it.  The technique I’m trained in will help you move through your depression so you can be yourself again.  Honestly, who wants to be down in the dumps for long when there is a way out?!

Be a Sex Magnet

Sex is a motivating force for imagination, strength, will power, creativity and health.  When sexuality does not have an outlet or is blocked, it could destroy your happiness, means to make money and overall quality of life.  Whether you are holding yourself back, uncomfortable around people, afraid of intimacy or have low libido, let’s work to get your mojo back.


There are so many deep-seated fears around intimacy because opening and showing yourself to another person threatens self-defense mechanisms.  Falling in love brings joy and excitement but if you don’t address your fears it could lead to potential devastation and loss.  Let’s look at your potential reactions to intimacy so you can see the beauty in yourself, let a person in and love fully.

Silent mind

The technique I am trained in was originally designed for serious meditators who were struggling to quiet their mind.  These meditators found that through sourcing emotional blockages and conditioned behaviors, latent charges were released.  Through this de-charging, their mind started letting go of stories and they started feeling silence.  Now thousands of people have practiced this technique and have been able to go deeper in their meditation practice.  Me included.  Even if you have no interest in meditation, that’s okay.  The technique will at least make you feel at ease with yourself and reduce the stress of daily life.


When constant stress has you feeling helpless and exhausted, burn-out is right around the corner.  I’ve worked with entrepreneurs who are consumed by obsessive thoughts, endless worries and sleepless nights.  If you can relate and have a hectic lifestyle too, let’s work together to slow down your mind and keep you from burning out.

Avoid Startup Failure

Entrepreneurial success is based in large on the founder’s mastery of psychology of dealing with the ups and downs that come with the nature of a startup.  It requires the agility and flexibility to manage what Ben Horowitz calls “The Struggle,” or emotional roller coaster of startup life.  Horowitz says:

The Struggle is when people ask you why you don’t quit and you don’t know the answer.

The Struggle is where self-doubt becomes self-hatred.

The Struggle is when food loses its taste.

We know that one minute a roller coaster takes a founder up and the next minute it is riding him down with increased momentum.  If a founder is not being supported in this emotional ride, he could end up falling into a pit. This is often the root cause of startup failure.

The technique I practice is extremely effective at honing in on The Struggle and releasing the glue that holds it in place.  Sourcing is the key of each session – from the external layer of thoughts, emotions and patterns to the roots of the psyche. It aims at exploring and releasing emotional blockages and mental complexes, as do many other therapies. The specificity of this technique, however, lies in its capacity to reach hidden subconscious and unconscious beliefs. Even in the first sessions, it is not uncommon to experience a deep feeling of release from imprints and a resulting inner certitude.

This technique also helps get to the root of co-founder disputes and other “tunnel full of monsters that kill them [founders] along the way,” as Jessica Livingston @ YCombinator says in reference to the causes of startup failure.

The profound vision that takes place during the sessions helps founders get out of their funk and get back on track.

Because everyone deserves a good life!

Lately Lindsay* has been feeling extremely lucky.  She moved to a new city, has a great job and has been traveling to white sandy beaches and yoga retreats.  But she admitted that something didn’t seem right.  There was a feeling inside that kept popping up every time she thought about how fortunate she was.

She was aware that this feeling has a voice which she described as “a barely audible, gnawing anxious voice left over from somewhere long past.”  Each time she experienced beauty — through a picturesque sunrise, calming walk on the beach or restorative yoga class — the voice said things like:

“This isn’t going to last.”

“You don’t deserve this.”

“Why should you get to experience such an awesome life when the rest of the world is suffering?”

Her first instinct is always to reason with this voice, claiming “I do deserve this.  Look how hard I worked.”

But one can’t solve the mind with the mind.

You and I know that Lindsay won’t be able to stop this chatter by contradicting it, blocking it out or repeating silly mantras.   What she needs is to explore the feelings beyond emotional patterns and mental blockages.  It’s like detective work and is about moving from the external layers of thoughts to their internal roots in the depths of the psyche.

If you have an infinity with detective work and like digging for causes rather than symptoms, let’s do private sessions together.  My role working with you is to hold a space, ask questions and get you to feel what is holding you back.  By sourcing your beliefs and negative inner chatter, you can get to a place where you accept yourself and can fully enjoy all the good things in life!

*name changed

Suffering is yesterday — You need freedom

You don’t like stressing out, having low energy and being anything but the best. Yeah, I get it. That’s why I’m offering sessions to you so you can rediscover your awesomeness.

No more suffering. That’s for your ancestors who didn’t have frequent flier miles, Bumble and fair-traded organic produce.

Where to from here?

About sessions:

The free consultation is 30 minutes.  If you are interested in a full session, they are either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes or 75 minutes.  The sessions are held on the phone, gMeet or Skype.

About fees:

You have a few choices for sessions, 30 minutes to 75 minutes.  Once you choose how long you would like a session to go, we will test it out and see if it works.  If it does, we’ll stick with it.  Otherwise, we’ll be all over the place and we don’t want that.

30 min for $75; 45 min for $105; 60 min for $145; 75 min for $160

Please pay before each session by Venmo (@annemarieinsf) or PayPal Friend (  Venmo is preferred.

Give more than 24-hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment.  The reason is that the energy starts gearing in and can affect your subtle bodies (as well as mine) if you don’t show up as planned.

Get the most out of your sessions:

Please keep meals light beforehand.  Limit coffee on that day.  Don’t drink alcohol or take anti-depressants for 48-hours prior.  Don’t do recreational drugs for 2 weeks beforehand.  And most importantly, be open to surprises!