Where creative minds meet

When you solve an underlying problem to relieve a pain-point, that’s simplicity.

When you iron out kinks in every day processes, that’s simplicity.

When you step outside the constructs of the mind, that’s simplicity.

Simplicity is not something you do once and are done with.

It’s a way of life.

The Simplicity Hacker

You. Me. Canoe.

That’s what a Hawaiian guy (maybe sumo wrestler???) grunted to my friend as we walked past him on beach in Oahu.

How beautiful and simple!

No reservation. No long convoluted sentences. No mind games.

Simply, You pretty. Me want.

Complexity is so overrated.

Hi, I’m AnneMarie. I’m a recovering complexoholic. Since I was young I’ve been able to solve really hard equations. At time my wheels were burning but I did it.

The simple equations, well, they weren’t so easy for me. I wanted to know why not. So I began looking for simplicity in everything: people, things, processes & technology.

I haven’t hacked an overall ah-ha simple way just yet. However, I have run across patterns and circumstances that reveal the root of complexity and possible routes to simplicity. It is here on this site where I highlight my experiences and vision with you.  As the tagline says, this is where creative minds meet.

You. Me. Canoe. Hubba Hubba.

I am currently offering private sessions to those born in between 1988 and 1997.