Killing complexity

A result of starting this blog or pure coincidence, I’m not sure.

What I do know is that recently I’ve been focused on reducing distractions that don’t produce results.

Even simple things like…

  • multiple online identities
  • unused domain names
  • mind-numbing apps
  • unproductive projects
  • unhealthy habits

I’m not going to kid myself.

Becoming even more of a minimalist than I already am is not going to move me towards simplicity.

However, it is one step closer to killing complexity.

Building Evaluations: Numb feet (case study)

A couple in Huntington Beach, California, was talking to my business partner and I about the husband’s numb feet.  When we evaluated their bedroom we found an earth line crossing on the side of the bed where the husband sleeps and it was at his feet.

We suggested that they move their bed over a couple inches to the left so the crossing wouldn’t be near the husband’s feet.