Bay Area locals love these spots…

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San Francisco is nothing short of great places to eat and have fun.  Here are the top 3 places locals bring up most in conversations:

burmese @ Burma Superstar

vegan sushi @ Shizan

ethiopian lounge @ Sheba


Oakland carries the counter-culture vibe that SF had 10 years ago.  There are so many cool places popping up.  Here are locals’ favorites…

ice cream @ Fentons Creamery

homemade noodles @ Soba Ichi

drinks & date spot @ Dogwood


Berkeley is considered one of the most socially liberal cities in America and with it comes a great variety of food and entertainment.

authentic indian @ Viks Chaat

microbrewery & pizza @ Jupiter

meditation @


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If you’ve seen my maps of places to go in San Francisco, Oakland & Berkeley and want to download a PDF version, here are the links (the buttons at the top of this page lead to the same map):

>>  San Francisco map

>>  Oakland/Berkeley map

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