If you are interested in meditation, check out Clairvision school of meditation.  It is the best meditation school you will ever run across!

Clairvision school of meditation holds beginner weekend workshops in Berkeley, Sydney, London and other parts of the world.  Here is the link to the meditation workshop in Berkeley:  They also offer week long intensives for people who are interested in diving deep.

I’d suggest reading Awakening the Third Eye by the founder of Clairvision, Samuel Sagan. He also wrote a beautiful tetralogy.  Sleeper Awaken is the first of four in that series followed by Forever Love, White Eagle, then The Gods are Wise and lastly Return of the Flying Dragons.  If you like them, you might want to read the next book Bleeding Sun, which is based in the future.

The school has put together a vast amount of knowledge in the form of Knowledge Tracks.  The list can be found on  Start with the Subtle Bodies The Fourfold Model, Death the Great Journey, Portal One or Flow of Life.

Building your own website

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Set up a membership site and charge monthly for it: Wishlist*

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