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How to do an enema to relieve IBS symptoms, bloating, gas, hemorrhoids, excessive wiping and discomfort

When it was first mentioned that I should do an enema to help move things in my belly and potentially help my stomach issues, I took the advice and bought an enema kit. Yet, it look me two years to actually use it. Once I did, I regretted not doing it sooner. So that’s why I am writing this post. To share with you that it’s not a big deal and the payoffs are huge. (ie. less bloating/gas)

First, do your first enema in a month when the weather is warm. This is to be said for cleanses too. The body will handle the process better and it won’t deplete your energy as during cold months.

Be sure to purchase a solid enema kit. A mediocre one will give mediocre (or in my case disastrous) results. A good enema system will make it easier to do the process because you won’t be fumbling around with the nozzle, valve and hose.

You will want a kit where you have control of the water pressure so you can turn it up and down as needed. And one that is easy to clean. Also, get a kit with a one way flow valve so dirty water doesn’t flow back into your clean water. The kit that meets these requirements is Aussie Health Co Enema Kit, which is sold here on Amazon. In addition, it is recommended to use coconut oil. I like Nutiva coconut which you can buy on Amazon here.

If this is your first time, consider doing the the enema in the bathtub just in case water or other liquids leak. I only had this experience once when I used an insufficient system. It hasn’t happened using the Aussie Health Co Enema Kit.

What you will need


Here are simple steps for doing an enema. It is highly recommended that you do an enema in the morning before you eat. You may want to leave a couple hours afterwards to take good care of your body.

  1. Fill the bucket with luke warm water.
    1. I put room temperature water in the bucket, filling it half way.
    2. Then I add a little boiling water to the bucket to warm the water up just a little.
    3. Then I add more room temperature water, if needed, so the temperature feels just right.
    4. I use Crystal Geyser water not tap water.
  2. Go to your bathroom, possibly make yourself comfortable in your tub or on a towel on your bathroom floor. (By this time, I don’t have any clothes on.)
  3. Lay on your side or back.
  4. Apply coconut oil on the enema nozzle tip. You can also apply coconut oil on the rim of your bum.
  5. Gently insert the enema nozzle tip into your anus. Stop if you feel any resistance and adjust the angle until it goes in easily.
  6. Take a deep breath.
  7. Slowly release the clamp to start the flow of the water.
  8. Stop it for a couple seconds and then open the clamp to let more water in. If you feel cramping, clamp the tube and take a deep breath before continuing.
  9. Lightly massage your abdomen during this process.
  10. Tune into your belly and feel qualities like light, vibration and/or sound, bringing conscious awareness to your abdomen. This is an important phase, especially if you are wanting to know your body at a deeper level.
  11. After you have taken in as much water as you can hold, gently remove the nozzle.
  12. Retain the liquid for as long as you can (a few minutes).
  13. Move to the toilet and expel what you need to.
    1. I put coconut or sesame oil on my belly and rub it while water and other substances are excreting.
    2. You may be on the toilet for 5-10 minutes.
  14. After you are done expelling, take a shower, rubbing your arms and legs to get circulations flowing. This process is important, as your energy is open and you can potentially excrete non-physical toxins during this time.
    1. The idea is to awaken subtle energies and expel toxins.
    2. Consider doing channel release practices from the book “Awakening the Third Eye.”
  15. After you feel you are done, wrap yourself in a towel. Before drying off you can apply sesame oil or another oil on your body.
  16. Be gentle with your body afterwards. You may want to lay down for a while.
  17. Drink hot water with lemon and salt or another replenishing liquid to stay hydrated.
  18. Introduce food only when your body feels ready. Perhaps you should consider staying away from wheat and dairy that day.

And that’s it.

In Ayurvedic medicine, one of the most common ways of diminishing vata, the wind element, is to do an enema.

Hope this helps people like me who have suffered from extreme belly discomfort and who have been hesitant to do an enema. Let me know in the comments field how it goes for you. xo